Sampling and Testing

Ruswal Global provides representative sampling and independent laboratory testing according to international standards.



We offer a wide range of analytical testing of metals, minerals, fuels, agricultural products and granulometry analysis for fertilisers. All testing is carried out by internationally certified laboratories.


Ruswal Global suppllies a full range of marine oil and fuel tests, performed by independent laboratories for conformance to all specifications with reliable and consistent results. Each laboratory is accredited to ISO 17025 and provides objective, unbiased reporting, in order to avoid conflict of interest with fuel/oil suppliers.

Ruswal Global have facilities and experts able to test virtually any product or service according to the client’s specifications.


An independent evaluation of quality allows the client to avoid conflicts with foreign and domestic suppliers.


  1. We perform quality evaluations as a fully accredited third party;
  2. The decision on acceptance of the goods or raising a protest is taken on the basis of an independent and unbiased opinion;
  3. In case the supplier disagrees with the conclusion, we will provide all evidence, photographic proof, and confirmations collected during the inspection.
  4. Our services and reporting format are tailored to the client’s requirements and needs