Pre-Purchase Inspections

Ruswal Global offers Pre-Purchase/superficial inspections for any type of goods, machinery and material insuring that you receive the expected quality and quantity.



Our surveyors have over 25 years’ experience inspecting various cargos and materials ranging from scrap metal, fertilisers, grain, finished goods, machinery, produce etc. at the supplier’s warehouse or premises before purchase.  Inspections can be arranged one-off or as a long-term quality control solution.

We operate:

  • At the production site;
  • In the warehouses of the suppliers;
  • At mining or drilling sites;
  • At any phase of delivery or production.

Our company employs fully qualified and highly experienced team of inspectors and surveyors.  We offer coverage throughout Europe, Russia, the Baltics, the UK and the rest of the world. 


An independent evaluation of quality allows the client to avoid conflicts with foreign and domestic suppliers.

Reasonable and timely claims on quality and quantity of goods can prevent financial losses. In addition, systematic quality evaluations can discipline suppliers.

  The advantages of independent Pre-Purchase inspections:

  1. We perform quality evaluations as a fully accredited third party;
  2. The report on the compliancy and quality of the materials is based on independent and unbiased expert opinion;
  3. In case the supplier disagrees with the conclusion, we will provide all evidence, photographic proof, sample analyses and confirmations collected during the inspection.
  4. Our services and reporting format are tailored to the client’s requirements and needs.